Holographic Reading

To take the reading, you must choose a set of eight screens arranged in the order in which they were selected. The arrangement of the canvases takes the form of an octave circuit fractal, like a sunflower in a spiral, moving in both directions, clockwise and counterclockwise. The understanding of each of the eight images must be done based on the arrangement of the set of screens chosen.

In reading, the screens are distributed like the petals of a flower, all interconnected. The neighboring screens reinforce one another, side by side, and endorse the theme in question. Each screen is like a mirror of the one in the opposite position, one in front of the other.

How to use

In more than a decade of practical use, Holochromes has demonstrated its effectiveness in the process of self-knowledge, for deepening unresolved issues, challenging feelings, deepening important issues or issues that can be redefined. All in search of personal balance, centering, well-being and quality of life.

To use Holochromes, it is necessary to know the bases and dynamics of the system and understand the meaning of fractal screens. The forms of the canvas are representative metaphors of what is contained in consciousness in a broader sense, individual and collective. The meaning of an image expresses frequencies, light and shadow, sensations and multiple dimensions, moving between the conscious and the unconscious, diversity and singularity.

Holochromes is applied in individual therapy or in collective activities/experiences mediated by a duly qualified therapist, to conduct processes that provide meaningful learning and reflection for the participants.


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