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The holographic approach intervenes in moods and emotions by the simple mechanism of bringing out what is inside, amplifying the sensations for the person to perceive themselves in the flow of life. The system reflects the human condition as a hologram of great complexity, with its uniqueness.

The Holochrome method enhances the right hemisphere of the brain, the creative capacity and the perceptual intelligence of sensations, favoring access to information that is beyond cognitive barriers.

See what the main goals of Holochromes are:
- Map the conditions experienced by the person in the present.
- Enable the person to look at their existential circumstances and reflect on conflicts and repetitive patterns.
- Work with the understanding of changes and the elaboration of new meanings, with more neutrality.
- Strengthen awareness, through a path of frequent luminosity and love.
- Boost the creative expression path.
- Promote harmony and well-being


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